Vertical formwork for monolithic construction works

frame formwork is a turnkey system that includes the components ensuring proper operational and handling safety, and allows for quick task performance.

Well-thought-out raster of components allows optimal suitability for any in-site conditions.

 system perfectly suits the formworking applications:

  • large- and small-size walls;
  • foundations;
  • columns and pylons.

new frame formwork system:

  • Stipulates new concrete efficiency and quality standards
  • Offers guaranteed expense reduction due to improved recoverability and cleansing options
  • Offers easy formworking of elevator shafts and stairwells due to application of reliable de-formworking components.

 frame formworking – reliable endurability

Due to use of reinforced profiles at frame formwork panels manufacturing, both at edges and panel center, the following high sustaining capacity of components is guaranteed:

  • for wall panels — 85 kN/m2;
  • for versatile panels — 100 kN/m2,

which is a feature contrasting the frame formwork to similar products of other manufacturers.

Special profile of components is both more robust against loads at concrete casting, and facilitates replacement of formwork plywood, as compared to the similar components of other manufacturers.

Flat sheets used, with no special cutouts required for anchor holes.

Panels are made of 21 mm thick plywood.

The plywood is fastened with self-tapping screws to the external side of panels, which ensures smooth surface contacting with concrete.

Plywood is easy and cheap to replace.